Octave Algo Trading Strategy

Octave Portfolio of Algo Trading Strategies

  • Octave is a quant driven systematic trading strategy that generates returns through a multi strategy approach. It seeks to deliver growth and preserve capital by targeting limited risk. It is A diversified set of non-correlated strategies that predominantly trades in index options.
  • Currently, our Algo Octave has 6 different strategies. All these strategies are designed and developed to be consistently profitable and to reduce risk across a variety of market environments, including sideways, bullish, and bearish market conditions.
  • Our integrated strategies include Directional, Non-Directional, Credit, Debit, Positional, Intraday, and Expiry Day models.
  • In various market environments, each separate strategy in Octave generates its own alpha, allowing us to build a smoother equity curve over time.
  • It is created with fully functional low latency trading and investment platforms that can asynchronously execute multiple orders across multiple clients in real time and manage individual portfolios based on clients’ specific risk profiles.

Why A Portfolio Of Strategies?

  • Single strategies run the risk of becoming obsolete.
  • Combining Strategies help us maintain steady returns with little risk.
  • The portfolio’s key performance metrics outperform any stand-alone approach.
  • Certain Strategies are only effective under specific market circumstances.
  • The Algo Octave is designed with the goal of withstanding any market circumstance.

Octave Algo Advantage

  • Built-in Risk & Money Management Algorithms
  • Combination of Multiple Non-Correlated Strategies
  • Hedged Positions
  • Fully Automated Algo Trading System
  • Execution Algorithms are Completely Automated and Linked to Over 25 Brokers (REST API & TERMINAL)

Aims To Deliver

  • Generate Superior Alpha While Maintaining Low Market Risk.
  • Generate Positive Returns Consistently.
  • Maximum Efficiency Of Capital Deployment Throughout The Year.
  • Consistent Double Digit Returns With Minimal Drawdowns, Delivering A High Sharpe.

Octave Back-Testing Performance

Octave Back-Testing Performance

Octave Back-Testing Performance

Octave Back-Testing Performance

Strategy Modelling

Types of Algo Strategy

Back Testing & Data Analysis

Risk And Performance Evaluation

Forward Testing

Strategy Deployment

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